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7 Reasons To Buy Unisex Baby Clothing

7 Reasons To Buy Unisex Baby Clothing

It’s clear that the gender neutral movement is on the rise, and with that comes the exciting prospect of more variety when it comes to unisex baby clothing. But why should you invest in unisex baby clothing when gendered clothing is so readily available? Here are seven reasons…

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Why Buy Gender Neutral?

There Are So Many Adorable Designs

‘Unisex’ doesn’t mean boring, so get the idea of a dull monochrome wardrobe out of your head! There are lots of cute designs available, complete with quirky patterns and bright, fun colours. Just look at tommy & lottie, a British baby clothing and lifestyle brand pioneering non-gendered childrenswear. Their capsule collections feature cool and on-trend tops and bottoms for little kiddies!

Tommy and Lottie

Perfect For Baby Shower Gifts

When you know a parent-to-be who wants their baby’s gender to stay a surprise, it can be hard to find a gift for their shower. Gender neutral baby clothing is ideal as it covers all bases and still makes a beautiful present.

Ideal For Parents Looking To Avoid Stereotypes

We’ve all seen stereotypical baby clothing, whether it’s a light pink dress covered in sequins with the word ‘Princess’ on the front, or a blue camo-print t-shirt displaying trucks or dinosaurs. The crux of the gender neutral baby clothing movement is to allow children to grow up without these stereotypes, and encourage them to believe they can become something other than what society says they ‘should’ be. For parents who follow this movement, unisex clothing makes a perfect gift!

Unisex Clothes Make Great Hand-Me-Downs

If you have a boy or girl already and you’re planning on having another, unisex baby clothes are ideal for passing down to your next child, saving you money in the long run.

Better For Donations

Planning on donating your children’s clothing once they’ve grown out of them? Unisex clothing is great for passing along to a charity shop, shelter or friends and family, as any child can benefit from your donation.

It Helps The Environment

If you’re handing your baby clothing down or donating it, as mentioned in the above points, this is more likely to benefit the environment as it reduces waste.

It Starts A Dialogue

For other parents, family or friends who perhaps don’t quite understand what gender neutrality is, buying unisex clothing can help start a dialogue. This encourages a wider conversation for gender stereotyping and allows parents to be more open about raising their children in a way that avoids labels.


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