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7 Fun Ways To Bond With Your Bump

Fun Ways To Bond With Your Bump

Here’s a truth no one tells you about pregnancy: sometimes bonding with your bump involves a little extra effort.

Every mother’s experience is different. Here at Private Pregnancy UK, we talk to plenty of mums who felt totally bonded during pregnancy, and lots of mums who struggled to get a connection until their little one looked into their eyes for the first time. Either way is normal. But if you’d like to help the bond along a little bit, read on.

1) Use Your Voice

Did you know that from around 20 weeks your little one can begin to hear voices from the womb? Some research has indicated that babies can recognise mummy’s voice in particular. Hardly surprising when they spend all that time listening to you give reports at work, laugh with your partner and gossip with your best friend. In order to build the connection then, why not set aside time every day for a little natter, perhaps before bed? Or you could curl up on a Sunday and read a book to your bump.

2) Get Moving

We know, we know, you’re tired and your feet may even be swollen – the last thing you feel like doing is exercise. But a little of the right kind of gentle movement can be great for you and baby. Walking is good, pregnancy yoga can be really helpful and swimming is wonderful when your bump is getting heavy and you want to feel weightless in the water. Exercise releases feel-good endorphins which can even transfer to the placenta – hooray! For more tips on exercise in pregnancy, check out our Top Five.

3) Turn The Kicking Into Conversation

Like many mums-to-be, you’re probably finding yourself absent-mindedly placing a hand on your bump as a kind of protective, tender reflex. But research has shown that babies can begin to respond to their mother’s touch from around 20 weeks. So next time you feel your baby kick, try a little belly rub in response. Warning: many mums-to-be have shed a few happy tears from this game!

4) Get Snappy!

Some women like to have a professional portrait taken of their gorgeous pregnancy belly (Beyoncé, anyone?). Others get their partner to take shots every week and create a time-lapse video afterwards. If that’s not your thing, we’re willing to bet that your scan snaps will be.

Scans are not only medicine’s way of checking all is well with baby, they can also be a great reminder that your growing bump is a little person! You might choose to frame your scan snaps or keep them in your purse or on the fridge. Some private clinics offer 3D and 4D scans, enabling you to actually see your little one’s face in the womb. If you’re lucky, you might even catch her yawning or stretching!

5) Here’s Daddy

Sometimes we have to give what we want to receive, and this can be true of pregnancy bonding. Think about it. From morning sickness to kicks, your pregnancy is an embodied experience, but for Dad-to-be, it’s all mental and emotional. Bringing him into the party and helping him bond can help you bond too.

From around 20 weeks, baby can hear sound, so have your partner chat and read to your bump as the weeks progress so that she can get used to his voice. Encourage him to rub your bump too and see if baby kicks. Ask him to come to the antenatal classes with you if he can; this will help you both feel more confident about the coming birth. Parenting is all about teamwork, and as the cliché goes, there’s no ‘I’ in team.

6) Prepare A Keepsake

This one’s not for everyone. You might be simply too busy and tired to take up knitting along with all the pregnancy and baby books you’re reading. But if you’re artsy or fancy having a go, consider stitching a quilt, making a picture to hang on the nursery wall, or even knitting a little hat. Years later, you’ll be able to tell your precious one that you made it especially for her when she was in your tummy!

7) Music Is The Food Of Love

Ever noticed having a singalong or playing your favourite track calms you down? It’s not just you! Music has been shown to be soothing to babies even in the womb and may even help them to begin to recognise different sounds. It’s said they like a stronger, regular beat, similar to mummy’s heartbeat. Aww!

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