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10 Things To Consider When Buying A Pushchair

It’s the sort of thing that sounds simple. ‘Choosing a pushchair? Easy – pick one that’s durable, yet stylish, modern and a quality brand.’

Simple, until you’re exploring the multitude of options, wondering how in the world you’re going to get a pramWhen it comes to picking a pushchair lifestyle is all-important that’s substantial but compact enough for your hallway cupboard. Or one that has just the right amount of space for all the bottles, nappies and essential you’ll need for a day out.

One thing’s for certain – when it comes to picking a pushchair, your lifestyle is all-important. One woman’s countryside dream wheels are another city dwellers nightmare. It really does all depend on you, where you live and how you like to go about your business.

With so many important decisions to make during your pregnancy we’re here to make life a little easier. Here are our top 10 things to consider when choosing a pushchair…

1. Comfort and safety
This, of course, is the number one priority. How is the back support? Is the pushchair really suitable for newborns or should you buy a carrycot too? Is the seatbelt safe and secure? When it comes to pushchairs it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

2. Storage space
Consider how much space you have at home and if your chosen pushchair will fit. How big is your hallway or other areas you’ll need to manoeuvre? Are you a frequent traveller by car, train or aeroplane? Checking the dimensions of your model should be a priority. Then, how much storage space is there on the pushchair itself? Are you likely to carry heavy items? See how far the pram will accommodate your needs.

3. Terrain
Will you be traversing over country cobbles or crisscrossing city streets? In the case of the former, you’ll want sturdy wheels with good shock-absorption. If it’s the latter, you’ll want wheels that turn smoothly.

4. Stairs
If you know you’ll regularly be tackling a flight of stairs consider a lightweight pushchair. Trying to carry a baby in one hand and a heavyweight carriage in the other is an experience we’re sure you won’t want to try. Consider how much you can reasonably carry and plan accordingly.

5. Adaptability
You’re probably going to want a pushchair that you can use beyond the 6 month mark, choose a carriage that’s adaptable. Be aware! Some pushchairs say they’re suitable for up to 3 years,Consider if you'll be travelling by aeroplane but their weight restrictions are unrealistic for that age group. Read up on some reliable sources before you commit.

6. Brakes
Where are they, and how easy are they to operate? For example if they’re tricky foot-operated brakes and you love open-toed sandals and cheeky pedicures, you might need to think again. Experiment putting the brakes on and off and see how it feels.

7. Height
If you or your partner is particularly tall, you may need to think carefully before choosing a pushchair. Some carriages don’t have adjustable handlebars, meaning willowy folk will have to stoop – bad news for your back. On the other hand, plenty of models have at least three different handlebar heights so have a good look around and find one that fits you well.

8. Extras and features
Anticipate what you’ll need in the way of add-on’s. For example does it come with a car seat or do you need to buy one separately – if so, is it compatible with a car seat you approve of? Is the sunshade effective? If there’s optional extra padding, how comfortable is it likely to be?

9. Interaction
Ideally, a pushchair can be both forward-facing and parent-facing, meaning your little one can experience interaction and a feeling of security, as well as an engagement in the outside world, as and when you (or they!) feel like it.

10. Design
Let’s face it, no one wants to be trailing behind in the style stakes. We may pretend we don’t care how it looks but in reality, everyone wants a pushchair that can turn a few heads – or at least looks classy. Have a think about what suits you, but don’t simply be swayed by fads.

Everyone wants a pushchair that will turn heads - or at least looks classy

Naturally, different concerns will be take priority for different mums. Have a good think about the most important factors for you, and ask ‘Will it work well for me?’ and ‘Do I actually like it?’

Finally, don’t bow to celebrity trends. Kourtney Kardashian’s pram of choice, the Orbit G2 has been hailed by bloggers as an innovative ‘360 degree rotating pushchair’ that can be pushed sideways.

However, the makers don’t actually recommend doing so, and a closer look reveals the shifting weight of your little one could prove a tipping hazard and be unsafe for the baby. In other words, do your research, read balanced reviews and have a proper think before you buy on a whim.

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