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Pushchair Guide – Tutti Bambini Arlo

Pushchair Guide Summer 2018 – Tutti Bambini Arlo

Starting price of £640 for tandem pushchair.

New style for 2018!

Tutti Bambini have brought a new baby to the market for 2018 and first impressions are impressive!

Two words; style and elegance spring to mind when you first see the new addition. Available in charcoal or chrome finish and five colours selections (charcoal, liquorice, midnight blue, oatmeal or poppy), the sleek lines of the chassis, together with a chunky leatherette handlebar and non-puncture minimalist wheels are all features which add to this pushchair’s kerb appeal.

Designed to grow with your family, the Arlo presents a whole swathe of seating options, and the ability to use either the seat or carrycot from birth makes this a great choice for couples expecting twins.

The Facts

This pushchair weighs just 12.5kg, making it a light option even for two children. The seats are reversible so both children can be parent or world facing. Or you can use car seats and carrycots or a seemingly endless combination of them all. Unlike many pushchairs you don’t have to buy a multitude of adaptors either. Most of the seats fit onto the connectors already built into the pushchair.

The rich textures and fabrics of the colour pack (separate cost to the frame but included into the overall price stated above) add to the overall luxurious look and experience of the buggy. And the all-round suspension means the ride feels as luxurious as it looks.

What’s In The Box?

Because of all the options, what’s in the box can largely be up to you. The basic price for the tandem pushchair is around £640. For this you get:

  1. Seat
  2. Tandem seat
  3. Chassis
  4. Wheels
  5. Rain cover
  6. Choice of seat fabric colour

What’s Extra?

Some great additions for multiple babes.

  1. Carrycot £110
  2. Arlo carrycot colour pack £50
  3. Tandem seat £110
  4. Comfort pack £85
  5. Additional colour packs £80
  6. Multi car seat adaptors £30

Interesting Features

With so many seating options, you can use both carrycot and seat, or two normal seats, two car seats – your options are many and varied depending on your children’s’ needs. This is invaluable when trying to juggle the demands of twins, for example. As they grow, the system grows with them and the spacious seats mean that this pushchair will see good use for a long while.

The Arlo has a four-year warranty which is handy should something go wrong with your expensive and much used/needed purchase.

Safety and beautiful design go hand in hand in the Arlo with nice touches such as the wheel and button designs but also the functionality of non-puncture wheels and the five-point safety harness. In addition, there is a large hood which contains within it a zipped away huge UV shade. In the back of the hood is a handy peek-a-boo window with magnetic closing.


The fold function is not at all fussy, with only a few motions to complete the fold. By squeezing the button in the middle of the handlebar and releasing the bar forward a grey button on the main chassis appears. Twisting this in a particular motion ensures that the char folds in on itself. With only one seat this is a one-handed fold, however with two seats, you will have to remove the bottom seat before using the fold operation.

Pushchair Guide Summer 2018 – Tutti Bambini Arlo

What We Love

This pushchair is so versatile, lightweight and yet a luxurious and stable ride. We really like the idea that you can use this pushchair from birth with twins using just the standard seats and that you also have the option of carrycot if you want the extra comfort factor too.

Its beautiful design and sleek lines make the Arlo a real head turner, but this does not detract from safety or stability. Everything is covered. With just one seat the basket is extremely spacious, unfortunately you lose this space with two seats, but if you are sharing baby duties and only have one child with you, this is a bonus for those essential shopping trips. The adjustable handlebar means everyone involved in pushing can have a comfortable ride.

The Arlo is a lightweight pushchair. Pushing two children will always require extra effort but the ride and stability is not compromised, if a little heavier, when both seats are in use.

The non-puncture wheels pop off easily for cleaning – great for those who relish outdoor adventures but not bringing the outdoors inside! And the overall quality of this product makes the middle range price tag a winner.

What We’re Not So Taken With

It’s hard to find fault with this new addition. The seats are very spacious mainly because there are no defined ‘sides’ to the seat which could leave younger babies a little exposed. However, this is easily rectified by buying the comfort pack which is a marl padded liner (warm in winter, cool in summer) and foot muff combination.

Get the Tutti Bambino Arlo here.

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