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7 Weeks Pregnant


Image: Fetal Development At 7 Weeks

At this stage, your little baby looks a lot like a sort of sea creature! But despite appearances, key formations are taking place. What looks like something of a tail is actually baby’s developing spine.

The first blood vessels of its circulation system are forming, and even the tooth buds, tongue, palate and eyelids are too. The ears continue to grow and even eyelids are developing! In fact, all the organs and basic framework of the body are formed in the first trimester. With that in mind, always remember to check with your doctor or pharmacist about taking any medication.

Although many couples wait until after the first scan (at about 13 weeks) to let the pregnancy become common knowledge, this is the time when many women decide to tell a few friends and family that they are pregnant.

Despite all the excitement, you may be feeling especially moody at this time, so you might want to warn your partner. Once the placenta is fully formed and taking care of hormone production for your baby, your mood swings should be less pronounced. But until then, sit tight and try to give yourself lots of nourishment.

Can I prevent back pain in pregnancy?
If you got fit before you were pregnant you have a better chance of avoiding back pain. It’s not too late though: if you have been given the all clear for exercise in pregnancy then by all means get at it or keep going – gently, mind! Regular exercise in pregnancy reduces the risk of back pain.

Be gentle with yourself if you are not used to regular exercise. Avoid heavy lifting, check your posture and follow reputable back care advice. If you do have to lift something, bend your knees (not your back), hold the item close to your body and try not to twist your body. Later in your pregnancy, the way you sleep will become particularly important – read our sleep tips to find out how you can help to minimise discomfort.

Possible Scan at Week 7
An Early Pregnancy Viability Scan can be helpful if you feel a bit worried or just want to make sure that all is well with your baby.

This scan is advised for women over 35, and strongly recommended for women over 40. It’s especially important to have this scan if you’ve had vaginal bleeding or suspect an ectopic pregnancy.

Early Pregnancy Scan

Early Pregnancy Scan Picture (Click image to enlarge)

Viability scans are easily performed trans-abdominally (through the tummy) at 7-11 weeks of pregnancy as long as you are not overweight or have a womb that is tilted backwards .

If you’re having the scan because of a concern about a possible ectopic pregnancy, this scan can be conducted at 6-7 weeks, though at this time it would need to be performed trans-vaginally.