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3 Weeks Pregnant

This is the week in your cycle when you are most fertile, so make sure to have plenty of sex at this time. Sexual positions make a difference too – the best ones are those that maximise penetration, such as from behind.

By the end of this week, you will have conceived! Millions of eager sperm will have travelled up to the fallopian tube from your vagina. As many as a few hundred sperm make it to the egg, but such is nature’s genius, that once one sperm has penetrated the egg, no others can enter.

The egg and sperm fuse together to form a zygote. The fused nucleus then divides into two parts containing equal measures of female and male DNA. The zygote then moves down the fallopian tube towards the womb, its cells dividing all the time, until finally it’s a tiny ball of 64 cells called morula. Super clever, isn’t it?

How do I know when I am at my most fertile?
You should seek medical advice before trying any prediction methods at home. Having said that, there are three ways of determining your most fertile time.

  • Measure your temperature through oral thermometer every morning when you wake up before you drink any fluids. Keep a record of it on a chart. At ovulation, your temperature will increase by half a degree. After a few recorded cycles, you should be able to predict your ovulation time.
  • In the middle of your cycle, you may notice a clear, non-odorous vaginal discharge that is mucus-like (the tissue will slide when you wipe yourself). If you took the discharge between your fingers it would stretch singularly to more than 5cm.
  • Probably the most hassle-free way to tell is to purchase an ovulation kit. There are many different types and they often use urine as a means of prediction by detecting high levels of Luteinising Hormone (LH).