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14 Weeks Pregnant


Image: Fetal Development At 14 Weeks

You are now officially in your Second Trimester! At one third of the way through, your baby has eyebrows and fine, light hair is beginning to grow on his head. He may now be able to squint, grasp, frown and grimace. It’s even possible that he’s sucking his thumb!

At this point, the placenta has taken over as your baby’s full life support system. This is likely to affect your moods in a positive way because your hormones will calm down a little bit.

Your womb is growing and growing. Before you were pregnant it was about the size of your fist and now it’s as big as a grapefruit! It may be pressing on your bladder, meaning you’ll need to wee a lot more frequently. Oh, the joys of expecting…

Possible Scan at Week 14
A Reassurance Scan can be performed anywhere from 14-22 weeks. It’s not usually necessary but might be advisable if you have had bleeding or have been unwell.

The baby’s head, abdomen, and leg length will be measured. The placenta can be located and the amniotic fluid and umbilical cord assessed. The measurements will be plotted on a graph which you will be given.

Reassurance Scan

Reassurance Scan Picture (Click image to enlarge)

The scan is performed through the tummy (a trans-abdominal scan), and usually takes 15-20 minutes.You don’t need to have a full bladder and no special preparation is needed. You’ll have a few pictures of the baby to take away with you.