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Pregnancy Week By Week – What To Expect At Each Stage During Maternity

Welcome to Pregnancy Week By Week, a helpful guide with reliable medical information, detailing the typical stages of the pregnancy journey.

You’ll find the physical and emotional changes you’re likely to experience and the growth stages of your little one, plus lots of useful advice on foods to enjoy – and those to avoid, how to cope with morning sickness and indigestion, expected weight gain in pregnancy and safe exercise for mum’s to be.

Perhaps you’d like to know more about sex in pregnancy or the best position in which to sleep comfortably. You might be suffering from stretch-marks, constipation, back ache or pelvic pain – we hope to help with some great tips!

You’ll find lots of explanations for new terms you might hear – Braxton Hicks, your Booking Appointment, what it means to have your labour induced.
And, if you’re in your third trimester check out and tips on getting labour started, coping with the early stages of labour and the essentials not to forget in your hospital bag.

How many weeks pregnant am I?
To find out how many weeks you are pregnant use our Pregnancy Calculator.

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