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Post Childbirth: How Your Partner Can Help

With Cuddles
In the first days after the birth, both you and your partner are likely to be a bit nervous about taking care of a newborn, but sharing this care quickly helps to bond you as a family. Share bathing, holding and cuddles and let your partner also go to your little one when she cries. Not only does this stop you feeling depleted and overworked, it helps your partner to feel included instead of ‘shut out’, as some new dads complain of sometimes.

Mum Dad Playtime with Baby 2

You might also want to cuddle up – all three of you together on the bed. Having your partner’s arms around you might relax you a bit and help you get some much needed rest!

When You’re Breastfeeding
If you’re breastfeeding, don’t assume your partner can’t do anything to assist you. He can bring you a drink or a snack, or change your little one after you’ve fed her. If you are choosing to bottle-feed, then your partner can give baby her night feeds sometimes so that you can get some rest.

With Shopping And Cooking

New dad with son

Let him take over this realm of home life for a while if you’re used to doing it yourself. Write him a list of healthy, easy-to-work-with foods such as vegetables and fruit, pulses, chicken and pasta.

Managing Visitors
As a new mum, you might find you have a love-hate relationship with the idea of lots of visitors. A part of you wants to feel the love and support of your family and friends, not to mention to show off your little bundle of joy! And yet another part of you feels exhausted and overwhelmed. Here’s where your partner can help.

Let him answer that ringing phone; fielding off any visitors who might stress you out and telling even the ones who won’t that they shouldn’t stay too long. You’re tired. Let him take over and most importantly, let him answer the door and make the hot drinks!