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Ask An Expert

We’re often contacted by women and couples with queries best answered by specialists, whether the questions posed are on the subject of infertility, pregnancy, women’s health or paediatrics.

It’s our intention to provide those people seeking information with comprehensive answers.

Over the coming months we’ll be speaking with some of the UK’s leading specialists across fertility and IVF, gynaecology, maternity, childbirth and children’s health.

Our Previous Q&A’s

Dr Amin GorgyQ&A: Ask A Fertility Consultant (October 2014)

In this session we spoke with leading Fertility consultant Dr Amin Gorgy of The Fertility & Gynaecology Academy, who answered your Fertility related questions.More…

Q&A With Gynaecologist Dr Alex Eskander in LondonQ&A: Ask A Gynaecologist (June 2014)

In this session we spoke with leading consultant gynaecologist Dr Alex Eskander of The Gynae Centre, who answered your Women’s Health related questions. More…

Q&A With Obstetrician Dr Donald Gibb in LondonQ&A: Ask An Obstetrician (January 2013)

In this session we spoke with leading consultant obstetrician Dr Donald Gibb of The Birth Company, who answered your pregnancy related questions. More…