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Private Clinics & Hospitals For NIPT (Harmony or Panorama or neoBona Test)

For the past decade, doctors have utilised the Nuchal Translucency Scan to assess pregnant women on their risk of having a baby with Down syndrome, or other possible abnormalities. This scan enables doctors to look at the skin fold of the baby’s neck along with baby’s nose bone near the 12 week mark. This combined with an additional blood test make for a 92% predictive value. While these results are strong, there is still a high margin for error, and women who present as high risk may elect to proceed to Chorion Villous Sampling (CVS) or Amniocentesis. Unfortunately, these tests are invasive and carry a risk of miscarriage of about 1:100.

Even the slightest chance of miscarriage is a scary thought for any new mum. The good news is, Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) is now available. Doctors have discovered that a simple blood sample taken from the mother at around 10 weeks can be analysed for cell free foetal DNA. The results of this test have a predictive value of more than 99%, greatly reducing the need for more invasive and risky testing.

There are currently three tests available in the UK – Harmony Test, Panorama Test, and neoBona Test. Please contact the clinics listed here to know more about the NIPT they offer during pregnancy.

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The Gynae Centre is a premium gynaecology care clinic in central London, established by highly qualified and esteemed consultants. It offers the Harmony non-invasive prenatal test for Down Syndrome and other unusual chromosomal abnormalities. more...
The Gynae Centre

92 Harley Street
(Harmony Test)
92 Harley Street
London W1G 7HU
Greater London
Tel: 020 7034 1300
Fax: 020 7034 1301
Email: enquiries@92harleystreet.com
Website: www.92harleystreet.com

(Harmony Test)
35 Devonshire Place
London W1G 6JP
Greater London
Tel: 020 7935 6500
Fax: 020 7935 6510
Email: mail@Babyinc.co.uk
Website: www.Babyinc.co.uk

Beard Mill Clinic
(Harmony Test)
Beard Mill
Stanton Harcourt
Oxford OX29 5AG
Tel: 01865 301 537
Fax: 0870 314 4011
Email: info@beardmillclinic.com
Website: www.beardmillclinic.com

Diagnostic Ultrasound Services
(Harmony Test)
10 Gresham Road
Surrey RH8 OBQ
Tel: 07891 695651
Email: ultrasound.scan@gmail.com
Website: diagnosticultrasound.org.uk

Glasgow Centre for Reproductive Medicine
(Harmony Test)
21 Fifty Pitches Way
Cardonald Business Park
Glasgow G51 4FD
Tel: 0141 891 8749
Fax: 0141 883 4886
Email: info@gcrm.co.uk
Website: www.gcrm.co.uk

Innermost Secrets Ltd
(Harmony Test)
Ash Tree Private Medical Clinic
3 Ash Tree Court
Woodsy Close
Cardiff Gate Business Park
Cardiff CF23 8RW
Tel: 0345 230 3386
Email: enquiries@innermostsecrets.com
Website: www.innermosthealthcare.com

Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea Hospital
(Harmony Test)
Imperial Private Healthcare
Du Cane Road
London W12 OHS
Greater London
Tel: 020 3311 3925
Fax: 020 3311 1119
Email: private.healthcare@imperial.nhs.uk
Website: www.imperialprivatehealthcare.co.uk

The Baby Scan Studio
(Harmony Test)
First Floor Crown House
Crown Road
Marlow SL7 2QG
Tel: 01628 486 264
Tel: 08445 560 733
Website: www.thebabyscanstudio.co.uk

The Birth Company
(Harmony Test & Panorama Test)
137 Harley Street
London W1G 6BF
Greater London
Tel: 020 7725 0528
Fax: 020 7725 0529
Email: admin@TheBirthCompany.co.uk
Website: www.TheBirthCompany.co.uk

The Edinburgh Clinic
(Harmony Test)
40 Colinton Road
Edinburgh EH10 5BT
Tel: 0131 447 2340
Tel: 0131 446 2560
Email: enquiries@edinburghclinic.com
Website: www.edinburghclinic.com

The Fetal Medicine Centre
(Harmony Test)
137 Harley Street
London W1G 6BG
Greater London
Tel: 020 7486 0476
Fax: 020 7486 0294
Email: enquiries@FetalMedicine.com
Website: www.FetalMedicine.com/fmc/

The Gynae Centre
(Harmony Test & Panorama Test)
Suite 23
7 Queen Ann Street
London W1G 9HN
Greater London
Tel: 020 7580 8090
Email: Ask@Gynae-Centre.co.uk
Website: www.Gynae-Centre.co.uk

The Harley Street Centre for Women
(Harmony Test)
78 Harley Street
London W1G 7HJ
Greater London
Tel: 020 7034 8969
Tel: 020 7034 8945
Fax: 020 7034 8989
Email: admin@HSCFW.co.uk
Website: www.HSCFW.co.uk

The London Ultrasound Centre
(Harmony Test)
112 Harley Street
London W1G 7JQ
Greater London
Tel: 020 7908 3878
Website: www.TheLondonUltrasoundCentre.co.uk

The Medical Chambers Kensington
(Harmony Test)
10 Knaresborough Place
London SW5 0TG
Greater London
Tel: 02 7244 4200
Tel: 020 7244 4229
Email: admin@themedicalchambers.com
Website: www.themedicalchambers.com

The Portland Hospital
(Harmony Test)
205 – 209 Great Portland Street
London W1W 5AH
Greater London
Tel: 020 7390 6068
Fax: 020 7390 8012
Email: info.portland@hcahealthcare.co.uk
Website: www.ThePortlandHospital.com

The Women’s Wellness Centre
(Harmony Test)
274 Fulham Road
London SW10 9EW
Greater London
Tel: 020 7751 4488
Fax: 020 7751 4470
Email: info@womenswellnesscentre.com
Website: www.womenswellnesscentre.com

Women’s Ultrasound Centre
(Harmony Test)
86 Harley Street
London W1G 7HP
Greater London
Tel: 020 7636 6765
Fax: 020 7636 6757
Email: info@womensultrasound.co.uk
Website: www.womensultrasound.co.uk