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How Many Weeks Pregnant Am I? – Pregnancy Calculator

This pregnancy calculator works out the due date of your baby. Simply enter the first day of your last menstrual period and click the Calculate button. Along with the due date, it also estimates the conception date and the gestational age (or how many weeks pregnant you are).

How Do You Calculate How Many Weeks Pregnant You Are?

The standard method used by doctors to measure pregnancy counts from the first day of your last menstrual cycle, so in the first two weeks of your pregnancy you aren’t physically pregnant!

To work out how many weeks pregnant you are, you’ll need to know the day when your last period began. Once you know this you can find out your due date using our pregnancy calculator, below.

Note: The calculations provided are only estimates based on averages and should be treated as such. You should consult an obstetrician if you require a proper diagnosis.

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator – Input Your Details
How Many Weeks Pregnant & When Is Your Baby Due?
It is important to note that the calculations made by the above pregnancy calculator are only estimates based on averages. In fact, less than 10% babies are born on their estimated due date.

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