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Welcome To Private Pregnancy UK

This website is setup to provide a resource for mums-to-be in the UK who wish to look at private healthcare as an alternative to the NHS. Here you will find listings of carefully selected private clinics, hospitals and consultant doctors that provide fertility, IVF, maternity care, pregnancy scans and childbirth related services of high quality.

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Staff Picks: Products We Recommend (January 2015)

Every month our team selects a handful of products that we would happily recommend to our family and friends who are expecting or have recently become parents. Here is what we have picked for this month.

Click on the product image for more information.

Lindam Jump About Plus Bouncer

A bouncin’ good time for baby…

Vtech Baby Crawl and Learn Lights Ball

A ball of fun in more ways than one...

Tiny Love Super Mat

The best little play mat there ever was...

Storksak Bobby Changing Bag

Say goodbye to your mother's changing bag!

Silver Cross Simplicity Infant Carrier

An elegant yet essential carrier...

The Harmony Prenatal Test For Down Syndrome

The Harmony Prenatal DNA Test

As an expectant mother, there are no doubt many questions on your mind regarding your pregnancy. There are ultrasounds to be had, special diets to follow, vitamins to take – and tests to consider. You may be unsure what test is right for you. While prenatal testing of the past carried significant margins for error and chances of miscarriage – a new safe and completely non-invasive prenatal test is now available – The Harmony Test. A simple blood sampling can provide over 99% accuracy in detecting Down syndrome. More…

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Duchess Kate’s Autumnal Elegance

Duchess Kate's Autumnal EleganceFrom her iconic Alexander McQueen wedding dress to her classically British love for Barbour and Topshop – women the world over look to Duchess Kate for style inspiration. Now as we gear up for Royal Baby #2, we still can’t seem to get enough. Effortlessly blending everyday comfort with royal glamour, the Duchess never seems to disappoint with her elegant yet attainable sartorial choices. Steal it here…

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An Everlasting Memory Of Your Baby’s Most Precious Moments

An Everlasting Memory Of Your Baby’s Most Precious Moments

Your baby’s first moments are simply irreplaceable. There is nothing quite as sweet as the first minute she opens her eyes, or the first time he grabs your finger. Yet these moments are fleeting, so it’s ever so important to do your best to capture them.

While photographs are beautiful, and keepsakes are lovely reminders, nothing can capture a memory quite like Wrightson & Platt can. Inspired by century old carvings of Queen Victoria’s children, Wrightson & Platt specialise in life casts of babies’ hands and feet for the creation of lifelike statues, and intricate jewellery.

While it is no surprise that their incredible service has become a ‘must-have’ amongst royal families and celebrities alike — lucky for us, this time-honoured and spectacularly beautiful craft is available to everyone. More…

Immune Testing and Immune Treatment for IVF Failure and Recurrent Miscarriage

Immune Testing and Immune Treatment for IVF Failure and Recurrent Miscarriage

If you think you’re the only one struggling to get pregnant – think again. Plenty of couples feel overwhelmed and lost when they decide to get pregnant. Advice from friends, endless articles about boosting fertility, contradicting professional opinions and more – it can get incredibly daunting. One thing we know for sure though, is that a multitude of factors may be contributing to your infertility.

If you are wondering about possible reasons for your fertility struggle, you may have come across the topic of Reproductive Immunology — but what does this mean for you?

We consulted Dr Amin Gorgy of The Fertility & Gynaecology Academy in London to find out. More…

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Ask An Expert: Live Webinar With Fertility Consultant Dr Amin Gorgy in London On Sunday, 5 October

Webinar With Fertility Consultant Dr Amin Gorgy

Be sure to watch our highly anticipated and informative Webinar with renowned Fertility Consultant Dr Amin Gorgy of The Fertility & Gynaecology Academy in London. The Webinar was filmed live, Sunday, 5th October 2014 and covered a comprehensive array of topics concerning Infertility. More…

Why Go Private For Pregnancy Scans Instead Of The NHS In The UK?

Private Pregnancy Scan

Routine pregnancy scans are milestones for any expectant mum – so it is no surprise that many choose to have them done at private clinics. When looking at the list of benefits, it is easy to see why. Whether it be for the comfort of a private room, or the latest in ultrasound technology – choosing to go private for pregnancy scans certainly has its advantages. More…

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Ask The Obstetrician: Pregnancy And Mood

Ask The Obstetrician: Pregnancy And Mood

Concerned about pregnancy depression? With so many hormonal changes and coming lifestyle adjustments (not to mention the sleep deprivation), it’s no wonder you’re likely to be experiencing pregnancy mood swings.

Watch as experts cover essential info about pregnancy mood swings. Learn how exercise can help with pregnancy anxiety and ‘baby blues’, what to do if you’re taking medication, and that above all, a bit of moodiness is normal. More…

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IVF Success Rates In The UK

IVF Success Rates In The UK

Undergoing IVF can be an emotional journey and financially expensive, so you’ll want to ensure you choose the right clinic from the offset.

No doubt you’ll research your options before you commit, it’s likely you’ll refer to the clinic’s success rates as a guide.

Although they can be a helpful introductory signpost, a clinic’s success rates may be misleading when taken on their own. Find out why and read helpful information on choosing the right clinic for you. More…

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