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Welcome To Private Pregnancy UK

This website is setup to provide a resource for mums-to-be in the UK who wish to look at private healthcare as an alternative to the NHS. Here you will find listings of carefully selected private clinics, hospitals and consultant doctors that provide fertility, IVF, maternity care, pregnancy scans and childbirth related services of high quality.

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The Family-Centred Approach To Caesareans

The family-centred approach to caesareans

Giving birth is a highly personal and meaningful experience that is remembered for a lifetime. Unfortunately, having a caesarean can still feel often feel like a highly medical and impersonal procedure. The team from The Sir Stanley Clayton Ward at Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea Hospital has set out to change this. Their innovative family-centred approach, also known as the ‘natural caesarean’ provides women with a wonderfully intimate and memorable birthing experience. More…

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Duchess Kate – Happy In Houndstooth

Duchess Kate - Happy In Houndstooth

Just four months after the birth of Princess Charlotte, Duchess Kate returned to work for an appearance in London. With a snazzy new fringe cut, and a glowing smile, it’s hard to decide what we loved most about the Duchess’ look. However, the stunning Ralph Lauren houndstooth dress seems an overwhelming favourite among royal fans. But for those of you who don’t have £1000 to drop on a designer dress — we’ve managed to steal the Duchess’ style for a fraction of the price. More..

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Social Egg Freezing And The Modern Woman

Social Egg Freezing And The Modern Woman

It often seems headline of every newspaper, and the topic of conversation on all the chat shows – so what is “Social Egg Freezing” and what can it mean for me? In a time where more and more women are focusing on their career, marrying later in life, or perhaps not at all – understanding this important and perhaps life-changing option is a must for every woman. More…

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Product Review: Buying A Cot

Product Review: Buying A Cot

Setting up and decorating a nursery is all part of the excitement of being pregnant. With so many things to consider – from furniture, to toys and decorations – it can be hard to know where to start! Your baby’s cot will be the main feature of the nursery, so it’s a good idea to start thinking about it early. We’ve put together some helpful tips on what to look for. More…

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Staff Picks: Products We Recommend (September 2015)

Every month our team selects a handful of products that we would happily recommend to our family and friends who are expecting or have recently become parents. Here is what we have picked for this month.

Click on the product image for more information.

Jellycat Hoot Owl Toy

A ‘hoot' for parent and baby!

Tidy Books Personalised ABC Bookcase

The perfect personalised present…

The best option to keep your little munchkin organised…

Because babies with moustaches are always funny...

Cute Baby Funny Dummy Prank Pacifier

Because babies with moustaches are always funny…

Johnson Baby Essential Gift Set

Everything for your baby skincare needs...

The Harmony Prenatal Test For Down Syndrome

The Harmony Prenatal DNA Test

As an expectant mother, there are no doubt many questions on your mind regarding your pregnancy. There are ultrasounds to be had, special diets to follow, vitamins to take – and tests to consider. You may be unsure what test is right for you. While prenatal testing of the past carried significant margins for error and chances of miscarriage – a new safe and completely non-invasive prenatal test is now available – The Harmony Test. A simple blood sampling can provide over 99% accuracy in detecting Down syndrome. More…

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Are Smart Devices Safe For Our Children?

Are Smart Devices Safe For Our Children?Theses days it seems almost as though our children are born with smart devices in their hands. However, as the popularity of these devices rises, so do questions among parents. While some parents are happy to had over their smart device, others are concerned about the impact this new technology may have on our children. How do we know the right answer when it comes to the safety of smart devices? More…

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The Changing Scope of Fertility

The Changing Scope of Fertility

With each new year comes new technology and advances in research – bringing greater insights into the field of fertility. For those wishing to become pregnant, it may be interesting to keep abreast of the latest facts and figures in regards to fertility treatment within the UK. In The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority’s new report ‘Fertility treatment 2013: trends and figures’ there are some interesting new statistics and information to consider. More…

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Why Go Private For Pregnancy Scans Instead Of The NHS In The UK?

Private Pregnancy Scan

Routine pregnancy scans are milestones for any expectant mum – so it is no surprise that many choose to have them done at private clinics. When looking at the list of benefits, it is easy to see why. Whether it be for the comfort of a private room, or the latest in ultrasound technology – choosing to go private for pregnancy scans certainly has its advantages. More…

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IVF Success Rates In The UK

IVF Success Rates In The UK

Undergoing IVF can be an emotional journey and financially expensive, so you’ll want to ensure you choose the right clinic from the offset.

No doubt you’ll research your options before you commit, it’s likely you’ll refer to the clinic’s success rates as a guide.

Although they can be a helpful introductory signpost, a clinic’s success rates may be misleading when taken on their own. Find out why and read helpful information on choosing the right clinic for you. More…

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